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USA NOTICE: Currently USPS is not tracking any standard international parcels

17 Track a standard all in one Tracking ServiceShopping online comes with some minor stress/risk, and the weakest link is that we depend on the postal system to get orders out to you. Unfortunately while Ocacia has control over clothing quality we have zero power over the standard postal system--none of us do. So regardless of if you are ordering from us, or Aliexpress, or Ebay international what is written here applies: To repeat Ocacia's standard post means standard post, the same standard post used by all other companies around the world. Please familarize yourself with what is clearly written here as it is the absolute limits of information for tracking standard post in the world. 


  • You Place an order with us-- you select the type of postage you want. If you select Standard then we use standard government-run post with a tracking number.


  • After we have finished hand-making your item, we go to the post office and post it. It appears as SHIPPED, you get an email and a tracking number. If you have not received your tracking number (contact us).


  • After the item has been sent we all have to wait on it to arrive. Each country is different. Items can usually be tracked inside SA and depending on your country they can be tracked by your local postal system. The UK, for example, is excellent at tracking. USA for political reasons DOES NOT TRACK standard post. You will have to be patient or try and telephone USPS directly. 


  • You can use www.17track.net for most countries, or your countries postal tracking service. These services are tempermental and we have no control over their performance. INSERT INTO BAG means, your item has left the country in which it was sent from. 



Tracking numbers are not perfect unless shipped by courier, but at least they can trace the general location of the item, and reduce the chances of lost items.

Please check your account to get your tracking number which appears AFTER an items has been dispatched. If you have ordered a 21 working day service then please note that means 21 working days (not including holidays and Saturday and Sunday). Delays can extend this time depending on the quality of your countries postal system.

Understanding the above information is important to a stress free purchase for us and for you. This is why we wrote it. if an item being tracked says "Insert item into bag" that means it has left the country it was shipped from. So the item is inbetween countries or in the country of intended destination. It is very important to clarify that this page constitutes the absolute limits of information on tracking items shipped as 21 working days.  Any item which has not arrived after 20 days beyond the 21 working days will be considered lost and we will replace or refund. FedEx upgrade might be the only option if there is a problem with the receiptant address. 


Please note that items uncollected will be returned to us and it takes months for us to receive the items back, and the cost of for re-postage will be your responsiblity. You are also 100% responsible for the address you give. We are not liable if your address has any issues (incorrect address, or insecure address). So you must track your item and make sure you respond to any notices to collect that your post office issues. Again, we cannot do this for you-- The package is legally yours once we post it. 

This is what a tracking number looks like in your accountq

When an item is recently posted it will not show on your local tracking service for about 7-10 days. Do not worry if it says item not located, or destination preparing. That is normal unless you use EMS or DHL. Now to effectively track a parcel using the government postal service you must call or use your local online tracking system. In the UK, and USA the tracking number provided works on those systems and is very straightforward. For other countries, where the system is not synced It is best to call your local post office (we cannot do this for you) and get your SA tracking number converted to a local version for tracking  inside your country. Sorry we did not invent this system, we are frustrated with it, but that is just how it works, unless you pay $100 extra for FeDex./UPS/TnT. And this is exactly why you pay $100 for a Private courier company.


FedEx is our express courier of choice. If you have used our express service please click the image below to track your FedEx package. FedEx is a premium service with accurate tracking.

Ocaica FedEx Service


17 Track is a new system which tracks across all postal systems you can track from South Africa to the your destination.  You can also install the Android App for peace of mind. This unified system tracks EMS as well as our SAPO (South African Post Office) tracking numbers. Please read note of issues with USPS tracking for America only. 

Track 17Track


USA customers Click the image below to track your item. Please note USPS is NOT tracking any international post unless EMS

Track Ocacia African Clothing USA



Click the image below to track your item

Ocacia Clothing How to Track Your Parcel





Click the image below to track your item 

With the UK system you do not need to convert your tracking number

Royal Mail Ocacia African Clothing Tracking