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Dashiki 101 Khufu

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Very happy Review by Louis Shabazz
Very happy to have accidently stumbled on this Ocacia site. I took a chance and my first purchase will not be my last. The shirt looks even better in real life and it is hard to picture that because it looks exceptional in the photos. I almost feel bad for paying $100 for something that is probably worth at least $250 (Posted on 10/12/2016)
So good I had no choice Review by Adam Hussain
My family is from India, this is not even my culture but it look so good I said let me be different and wear something African. Now here in London all the Nigerians are looking at my top in Absolute AWE, they all ask "Where did you get that from?", It seems I know something they do not. (Posted on 10/11/2016)
Blown Away Review by Zinnie Springson
Oh my oh my, I thought the photo on the site was too good to be true. But mine arrived 5 days ago and I have not even put it on yet and writing this review. It is art. Inside is this different kind of brown fabric which looks so premium. I got the full house--the cuffs, the pocket --everything. I mean you spending the money you might as well go full house. I am keeping this one for special occasions I want it to last. (Posted on 7/23/2016)
STUNNING with a Capital S Review by Sean Dilanni
Stop what you doing and just buy this 101. I bought the original one and said this is the best African shirt I have ever seen. Then came this one and I said, no they cannot beat the 101. But then when I put it on I cannot believe how nice it is. It is the color combinations and the attention to detail. This is real top quality sewing and they clearly know what they are doing. I am happy I paid the extra and got pocket and cuff (esp the cuff) because I wear it to professional engagements and everyone is giving me WOW -- I like your shirt. (Posted on 5/31/2016)
that khufu is nice.. Review by jaronn
Badass dashiki..gotta have it !! (Posted on 5/21/2016)
Beautiful Color Combination Review by Brandy
I bought this along with some clothes for myself, but as a gift for some one whose birthday is coming up. Out of the package, it is quite sublime. The color combination is unique and would suit a wide range of African skin tones. I have no doubt that it will be appreciated and l can't wait to see on. (Posted on 5/4/2016)
I am very happy Review by Kingdom of Yah
I bought the RBG as my first Ocacia and I said They cannot beat this ever. Well I was wrong. This one is hands down my fav. And it is not fair to say it is better. I just find this one is more for sophisticated occasions, while the RBG Dashiki is more stunning that stands out. This is my favorite and I am happy i got this one and not the black one. I could not decide but I see this one is the best one for me. (Posted on 3/12/2016)

7 Item(s)

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