Ocacia is an authentic modern African clothing business dedicated to creating a market for those looking for "ethnic" clothing but at a designer label quality.


Our clothes take time. In the photo do you see the rope (Sheriba) around the embroidery? It is 200 meters of rayon thread spun together by hand. That rope takes 35 minutes to carefully trace around the embroidery which itself takes 2 hours to 8 hours depending on complexity by a highly skilled West African artist. On Hugo Boss or Vuitton shirt takes 10 minutes from fabric to packaging and cost six times the price. After the embroider we have the construction which takes 2-4 hours depending on complexity, cuffs are not made by a Plaff machine, but the traditional chalk and scissors way.


Ocacia wants to send a very strong indisputable statement 1. The modern/functional applications of African cultural aesthetic and 2. The professional cutting edge application of African business models in a technological age. And just as Milan, or France carry prestige, we are putting prestige around the name African. 3. African empowerment is via trade not aid. The only way for Africans (Diaspora and the Continent) to escape being marginalized is via ownership. Ocacia is 100% owned by Africans from Ethiopia and the Diaspora.


Why is quality important to us? premium is critical to the growth of any industry. Almost every industry is top down, the most beautiful artwork of any country is expensive. The most beautiful African mask take time, and as a result cost. You see when the only products Africa produces for local consumption are low end, it has a kick back to the quality of craftsmanship available in Africa. If there is no incentive for high end African products and everyone is just trying to turn over cents, then the industry’s creativity dies.