Unemployment in SA is a contentious issue. But for us who employee people it is strange how hard it is to find employable people. People come and go like if they were a billion jobs out there. They quit their job for stupid reasons. One would assume jobs are easy to come by. We offered one lady overtime and she refused it, we offered another training and he refused it. We called people for modelling at high rates per hour--none showed up. On a related note most of the factories in the garment industry have given way to the Chinese, the government is in bed with China at the expense of local industry. Yet the focus of the retaliation is almost always towards the poor immigrant seeking a better life.

3 weeks ago we had a phoroshoot and called many models to come for a few hours work. They are being paid well. They never showed up. Never called. Not bothered. Let us try that in Nigeria or Ethiopia