Happy Ramadan 2019

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About Ocacia: Online African Couture

Bespoke Tailored Clothing

Ocacia is a 100% African owned ref designer label that specializes in luxury tailor made attire. Each garment we make is unique to each customer. We focus on attire for the professional looking for high-end quality, modern, functional African cultured attire. Creating trade and not aid empowering African people by exporting premium clothes.  

Quality Standards

Drawing on attention to the finest details, while standing on ancient African traditions. Ocacia is a brand apart with a distinctive collection for special occasion and everyday wear. Hand crafted and uniquely customizable to every customer; making every order unique. Beautiful presented for the highest taste for that professional occasion or just a casual day out. 

A New African Standard in Fashion

Ocacia wants to send a very strong indisputable statement 1. The modern/functional applications of African cultural aesthetic and 2. The professional cutting edge application of African business models in a era of globalization. And just as Milan, or France carry prestige, we are putting prestige around the name African. 3. African empowerment is via trade not aid. We believe that for Africans (Diaspora and the Continent) to escape being marginalized is via ownership. Ocacia is 100% owned by Africans from Ethiopia (Female), SA (African Female) and the Diaspora (UK).We own all aspects of the means of clothing production.  

What we are about

We recognized three problems with the African fashion industry: Modernity, quality and global availability. Ocacia targets and eliminates these problems and creates a one-of-a-kind product of modern, practical, quality African clothes, which are available "off-the-shelf" yet still tailor made and full customizable to the wearers fine requirments. 

  • Dedicated to Quality African products
  • Creating modern African clothes built on age old traditions
  • Creating sustainable markets in Africa and the African Diaspora by Africans
  • Exporting African culture making Africa a partner in globalization

We are the only African designers in the world to offer this fusion of customization where the customer creates their own unique garment.

Quality Control

Ocacia has is never content with our quality, we are always pushing the envelope of wearable African heritage in style and physical quality

  • Highest quality fabrics, usually Linen
  • High quality sewing methods and embroidery
  • Premium online support and state-of-the-art website
  • Dedicated to a smooth online experience

Our clothes take time. For example the rope (Sheriba) around the embroidery it is 200 meters of rayon thread spun together by hand. That rope takes 35 minutes to carefully trace around the embroidery which itself takes 2 hours to 8 hours depending on complexity by a highly skilled West African artist. On Hugo Boss or Vuitton shirt takes 10 minutes from fabric to packaging and cost six times the price. After the embroider we have the construction which takes 2-4 hours depending on complexity, cuffs are not made by a Pfaff machine, but the traditional chalk and scissors way.


Today the world is becoming very mono-cultural, everyone says the samething, wears the same clothes and has white buds in their ears. Some people who want to stand out from the crowd an make an individual statement which is rooted in African heritage want to wear clothes which are unique, clothes which allow them to say "This was made in Africa." Clothes which speak to a unique fashion statement that no one else is wearing. Clothes made by the traditional tailors, personalized, customized and cut just for you! Tailored clothes customized by you  is usually the domain of the extreamly rich.

  • 14-21 Days Tailoring
  • Ability to add collars, cuffs, and embroidery styles
  • Custom fits, tight fit, baggy, anything you want
  • The joy that comes from working with your own tailor